Week 6

The Octopus has been having so much fun in Palo Alto she snuck out to a new park in the center of town for one more week!

Week 5

The octopus is continuing to look for magical places in Palo Alto this week before she returns to the ocean (or maybe to another part of the Bay Area.) Look for her in a Magical forest this week.

Week 4

The octopus has moved again. She went looking for a magical bridge to see if it’s magic could maybe bring her friend the hippo back but unfortunately the bridge is closed for repairs starting this week. The Octopus stayed in that area though, so look … Continue readingWeek 4

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Pilfered Pachyderm!

Sadly, when we went to Cornelis Bol park to check on the hippo we found that she had been broken off of her base and taken. Ironically, this adds a whole new layer to our lost animal hunt. If anyone has any info or wants … Continue readingPilfered Pachyderm!

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Week 3

Octopus enjoyed being in the shade of Heritage Park all last week so she found another park with a nice little grove to groove in. She’s now in one of the southern-most parks in Palo Alto., fully restocked with coloring pages and hoping to be … Continue readingWeek 3

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Week 2

The animals have moved to new locations! Last week the hippo overheard a kid saying that there are real live donkeys in one of Palo Alto’s parks. She went to look for them but got hot on the way, so she stopped in the shade … Continue readingWeek 2

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New Coloring page!

In the lost hippo poem the narrator promises a “16 bucks reward” if you find their hippo and now you can cash in on that promise. Download the new coloring page here or scroll to the bottom of the Coloring Pages to find your 16 … Continue readingNew Coloring page!

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Week One

The lost octopus and lost hippopotamus are now on the loose! Study the photos below and see if you can figure out which parks they are in this week.

Find Us!

The lost octopus and lost hippopotamus are wandering around Palo Alto waiting to be found! Check back here regularly for clues as to which Palo Alto parks they’re hanging out in this week. If you find them, take a picture with them and look in … Continue readingFind Us!